Passive House is the world’s most ambitious, verified energy-efficient building standard. Most people who choose to invest in this type of construction do so for the higher quality of living

See the Difference

There are many benefits of passive house design that result in a higher quality of living when compared to conventional builds. See some of the key benefits below:

Indoor Air Quality

Enjoy the fresh air you crave! With comfortable humidity levels, comfort ventilation, and low CO2 levels as a result of continuous well-distributed air flow, Passive House builds are remarkably comfortable.

Increased Comfort

Tired of drafts? With Passive builds you can enjoy the highest level of interior comfort, with all surfaces equally warm (including windows), no drafts (ever), and no temperature swings.


No worries in a storm. Passive House is the most resilient construction standard anywhere. It maintains livable conditions even during power or fuel outages, as it requires very little additional heat to keep it warm.

So Quiet

Enjoy silenceā€¦.. Passive builds are so quiet that they are often compared to recording studios. This is because of two main factors: the standard maintains that mechanical sound levels (ERV/HRV system) must be less than 35 decibels; and the airtightness, triple-paned glass and thick insulation naturally result in sound insulation.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable

Passive house allows you to be forward-thinking about your impact on the earth. With very low ongoing energy consumption and durable construction, passive house is the most ecologically friendly and sustainable construction available.

Low Operating Costs

Have you heard the news? Hydro costs are just increasing. With passive house there is no need to worry as it is 80-90% more energy efficient than standard construction, with no need for a conventional heating and cooling system, and a reduced overall household domestic energy demand. Reducing the impact fluctuating energy costs have on your bottom line is a form of financial resilience.