Controlled Build and Installation Timing

Building inside a controlled environment using our engineered prefab system means (as an example) we are able to build a 2400 sqft 2 story home in days and our controlled rapid installation happens in a matter of hours.

Smart & Ready to Build Packages

Quantum Passivhaus offers a full array of floor plans and pre-designed layouts that meet passive house energy effectiveness. Amazing energy saving, function and superior cost effective quality is part of the focus to each layout design. admittingly, we know that many of our designs have a simple cube-like shape, but don’t let the simple shape fool you. With the right exterior components and landscaping, you enhance the most important feature of your home, superior energy efficiency, quality and lifestyle. Let our design team bring your exterior comforts and vision to life.


Quality Control and Inspections

Our Passive House Institute (PHI) certified prefabricated panels undergo engineering inspection and a 55 point quality control inspection which includes a photo and video journaled library that is part of the homeowners manual package.

The panel certification through the PHI assures that our panelized system and adjoining systems will operate with the energy efficiency that meets the IPHI requirements. We also conduct multiple blower door tests to ensure airtightness throughout the project, and other quality assurance tests. starting from the first install of the airtight superstructure.


Predictable Assurance

Quantum Passivhaus’ processes, production standards and team expertise is the reason we are able to maintain production and install schedules and budgets. And as you experience the energy efficiency of your new Quantum Passivhaus home while the cost for heat and cooling continue to increase, I am sure you will be amazed with your predictable energy savings month after month for many years to come.


Waste Management

Another benefit in the Quantum Passivhaus prefab process over many others is that we experience a 1.5% to 2% waste on our projects which compares to approximately 9% for on site construction.  Those savings are transferred back into your project as a value and not a wasted cost.


On-site Alterations or Changes

Because our specialized load bearing points are continuous and not required over each opening, on-site alterations or changes to doorways or window placement are made easy and efficiently reducing labour rework costs by up to 60% if needed.


Proven Cost Effectiveness

Quantum Passivhaus’ prefab and design process has our pricing at or within 10% conventional construction. Our team has leveraged every experience and opportunity to continue building the most innovative and cost effective prefab passive house system in Canada. We are cost competitive to quality construction being performed by quality builders.


A Smart ‘Vapour Breathable’ System

We have focused not only on efficiency and predictability but also on building synergy and breathability.
Like Gore-Tex wrapped fleece jacket our panels are airtight stopping wind penetration and airflow (think heat leaving!), yet allowing humidity to flow through diffusion in a controlled fashion. The interior vapour barrier is also a “smart” barrier keeping humidity in your living space during winter when you need it most, and letting it out during the summer. This prevention of airflow, while permitting slow vapour transfer is key to keeping your structure moisture damage free.

Site Conditions and Access

QP panelized systems can often provide opportunities where other modular homes simply can not go. If your site has challenging access or obstacles, before you give up on the advantages and values of having a prefab panelized passive house home, call us for a free evaluation of your site limitations.
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Energy standards required in typical prefab buildings?

Most Prefab Builders build to the minimal code or just slightly above. This means that your home energy consumption and longevity built by this standard will be outdated in less than 5 years and unfortunately continues to be a carbon contributor. A home by Quantum Passivhaus not only meets but exceeds the energy targets set by the Ontario Building Code Standard mandated for 2030 which  has you being a true stewart to the environment with a carbon neutral or carbon sync home.

Are all prefab homes as air-tight as they say they are?

Industry knowledge shows that most prefab homes that meet minimal code often produce blower test results of 2.5ACH (detached dwelling) and 3.5ACH (attached dwelling) and Energy Star meets 1.2ACH (ref. OBC 2016 report) . Although the Energy Star measure is a great improvement from the minimal code, they fall well short from passive house which targets 0.6ACH @ 50Pa. Exciting to you and standard for Quantum Passivhaus is that our average tested measure is 0.32ACH.