Minden Small House

Plan Type: None

Plan Style: Traditional

1 Bed
1 Bath
0 Garage
797 ft2

  • Heating Cost

    $72 / year

  • Wheelchair Accessible

    Main Floor

Supplied and Installed is “Essentially” everything you need to have a Quantum Passive House Prefab


● Engineered Raft Slab *1 or Other Foundation

● IPHI Prefab Certified Panels *2

● Air-Sealing and Insulation

● Hybrid Open Web Floor Truss System

● Roof Truss System *3

● Interior Perimeter Service Cavity

● Interior Partition Walls

● HVAC System *4

● Window and Door Package *5

● Install Blower Door Test *6

● Quality Control Inspection and Sign Off

1. Quantum Passivhaus Engineered raft slab system provides the highest level of quality and energy performance to a

Passive House efficiency. Our system consist of Type II 16” EPS offering a R60. The insulated perimeter skirting

provide frost protection in cold/cool climate territories. Each protect receives dedicated engineering review and

geotech inspection. As an added feature, you can request our preformed parged panels and choose one of our 3

standard colours or a custom colour of your choice.

2. This Quantum component features Canada’s First Certified IPHI (International Passiv e House Institute) Passive

House Prefab Panel

3. This Quantum component budget basics include a fully engineered gable or shed style truss system. Includes

weather membrane and designed to meet the requirements of Quantum Prefab Panel load requirements.

4. The Quantum basic ventilation system offered in the basic package is the VanEE Gold ERV. Quantum recommends

a Zhender Q ventilation system for homes wanting to certify or meet a certified performance level.

5. Quantum works in partnership with 6 passive house window and door manufacturers from Europe and Canada. Our

basic package offers Solkolka windows and Cal doors that are rated for cool climate territories. For certified cold

climate windows and doors, Quantum recommends upgrading to Ener-Sign window and door package.

6. The structure install Quality Control blower door test is conducted by a trained Quantum Passivhaus team member.

Excluded are any and all other necessary blower door tests performed during the construction phase or for



● Logistical cost adjustments beyond what is included in the package

● Shipping to your project location beyond what is included in the package

● Site conditions or challenges evaluation (Click ‘Prefab Benefits’)

● Land purchase

● All optional services under the “Plus Package”

● All optional services under the “Additional Services”

This package estimate has two critical components 1) Quantum’s “Contractor Trim Level” price guaranteed

selected materials and 2) Quantum’s “Preferred Trained Sub Trades”.

By taking advantage of our wide range of selections and professional sub trades, you control creating a

predictable budget and finished expectations that will compliment your new passive house your way!

In addition, we have partnered with Sub Trades across Ontario who are fully trained as IPHI Passive House

Trades Persons and qualified Quantum Passivhaus Prefab Installers. *Trades of your choice are welcome and

it is recommended that they be Passive House Trained or Quantum Passivhaus supported for quality control

and assurance of your new home.

*Selections may vary as we remain currant with design trends and innovative materials


● Plumbing and Electrical Services

● Drywall, Primer and Paint

● Interior Doors and Trim

● Cabinetry and Storage

● Window Sill Treatments or Over-Framing

● Flooring and Staircases

● Personalized Kitchens and Bathrooms

● And more…


● Siding, Facia, Soffits and Eaves

● Window and Door Over-Framing and Casing

● Stone and custom finishes

● Roof Coverings

● And more…

● Surveying and Land Accusations

● Excavation and Site Clearing

● Septic, Well or Municipal Hook-Up

● Landscaping

● 3 Season Screened Spaces

● Entertainment Space

● Garages, Porches and Decks

● And more…

● Eligible for IPHI Low Energy or Classic Passive House
● Approximate Heat/Cooling Demand of ——/annually​*1
● Approximate Hydro Cost of ——/annually​*2
● Structural Panels – R60​*3
● Foundation – R60
● Attic or Roof – R80 and up
● Windows
○ Elite 92 by Solkolka (standard cool climate rated window)
■ Windows are wood interior finish (clear, stain or paint)
■ Aluminum exterior finish (paint)
■ Exceed Energy Star performance
● Doors
○ CAL Arctic door (large selection of styles and colours to choose from)
○ Custom thresholds (TBD)
● VanEE Gold ERV with silencers and three airspeed levels (standard)
○ Alnor ‘home run’ distribution system (standard)
○ 1 main controller, 3 booster controllers (standard)
○ Zehnder Q model (optional and required if certification is desired)


  • Heating Cost

    $72 / year

  • Wheelchair Accessible

    Main Floor